Friday, 28 December 2012

Eye Eye Eye

I find that sunglasses can be such a chic accessory. Aside from preventing the bright sunlight and premature wrinkles around the eyes, it can serve as a fashion statement that will make you feel like a celebrity trying to escape those paparazzi. I personally prefer investing in a designer pair of frames than a cheaper alternative. Since I wear them quite often I think that it's worth spending a little more. Even though it makes me extra careful to not break or lose them, the glamorous feeling I have while wearing my Dior or Michael Kors is definitely too cool to switch on a no name brand. But hey, that's just me and my personal preference.

From aviators, to oversized ones without forgetting the wayfarers, there is a shape, style, color and brand for every personality. 
RayBan - 205$
Stella McCartney - 225$
RayBan - 190$
Prada - 287$

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